2021.4.29 [ THU ] 多目的広場"モータースポーツマルチフィールド沖縄"共用開始

2021.4.29 [ THU ]
Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa” open to the public 


Circuit concept

The track will hold traffic safety seminars throughout the year sponsored by the facility. This is a class that will reinforce basic driving skills such as “driving/turning/stopping” and “seeing/judging obstacles” that are imperative for defensive driving. 

When Mayor Kuwae was elected into office, one of his campaign pledges was to continue forward with the construction of a full-scale circuit in Okinawa City. This project has been tentatively named the “Okinawa Circuit Development Project”. 

To promote a “stay in Okinawa” type of tourism plan and creating more employment opportunities, we have developed various businesses in the area with the aim of creating motorsports as another tourist activity.

The Motorsport Multi Field Okinawa is an accomplished short-term goal in the vision of the circuit concept. It was built to promote a “sacred space for motorsports in the prefecture” by holding various motorsport competition events also holding events to promote traffic safety.

This facility is for the public to use so please feel free to reach out to the Multi Field Office for more information. The Multi Field can be used for various purposes such as motorsports competitions and more. 

In its primitive conception, the main concept and basic policy for the development of the Okinawa Circuit (tentative name) which is slated to be a full-scale circuit must be created. In order for this model to become a reality, a short-term, intermediate and long-term vision has to be refined and a step-by-step plan of the efforts needs to be constructed.

Okinawa Circuit (tentative name) main concept and basic policy

Okinawa Circuit’s (tentative name) short-term, intermediate and long-term vision for its development

1.Okinawa Circuit (tentative name) maintenance basic concept (detailed version)
2.Okinawa Circuit (tentative name) maintenance basic concept (summary)