2021.4.29 [ THU ] 多目的広場"モータースポーツマルチフィールド沖縄"共用開始

2021.4.29 [ THU ]
Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa” open to the public 


Competition Introduction

Introducing the prefecture’s motorsport competition groups that have participated in Koza Motorsports Festival in the past. 

#7 Drift

Drifting’s origins are rooted in Japan. It is a competition where the driver slides the car with style, precision and speed simultaneously to obtain points.

#8 Gymkhana

Gymkhana is a motorsport open to anyone with a valid driver’s license. It is a timed competition ran one car at a time on a paved surface consisting of cones to create a new course for every event.

#9 Extreme Bike

Extreme bike is a competition based on challenging the driver’s on difficulty and expressiveness by allowing them to freely combine different techniques such as the wheelie, stoppie, and a modified aspect of drifting using a full frame motorcycle.

#10 Racing Go-Karts

It is said that go-karts are the gateway into the motorsport’s world. The kart itself is a stripped-down machine with the engine mounted right on the tube chassis. These karts are made for the sole purpose of speed.

#11 Mini Bike

These bike frames are smaller than your everyday motorcycles. This type of competition/motorsport activity has gained popularity due to the lower cost than other motorized activities. The smaller engine displacement allows for less maintenance.

#12 Bike Gymkhana

Much like its predecessor of car gymkhana, bike gymkhana is held on a paved course, designed differently each competition using cones and is ran time-attack style; one bike at a time. This style of riding leads to improvement of ride skills such as practicing good braking and turning maneuvers.

#13 4WD Trial

In this competition, vehicles enter and exit using the designated spaces provided and different sections of the course are separated by tape and drivers compete for the least amount of points with the course done the quickest.

#14 Mini Moto

A motorcycle competition where the rankings are determined by riders driving on a off-road course using a motocross style bike.

#15 Bike Trial

This is a scored competition that tests your balance by riding through obstacles in the middle of a course without touching your feet to the ground which results in a deduction of points.

#16 RC Cars

These pint-size remote-controlled cars are a 1/10th model scale. This compeletion you have drifting courses that tests your skills against others or permanent circuit-style courses that you compete for speed.