2021.4.29 [ THU ] 多目的広場"モータースポーツマルチフィールド沖縄"共用開始

2021.4.29 [ THU ]
Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa” open to the public 


Usage Fee

Private Track Rental Fees 

Open Track Fees 

All Day (9:00~16:00)

Half Day (9:00~12:00・13:00~16:00)

Overage Fees 1 hour increments 

Half Day

Okinawa City Residents

Non Residents 

4-wheeled Vehicles (Specifically Drifting) 


120,000円 60,000円 20,000円 3,000円 4,500円
Weekend 150,000円 75,000円 25,000円 3,500円 5,250円

4-wheeled Vehicles (Other than drift) 


100,000円 50,000円 17,000円 2,500円 3,750円
Weekend 130,000円 65,000円 22,000円 3,000円 4,500円

Racing Go-Karts・3-wheeled Vehicles・Oversized Motorcycles・Regular Motorcycles・Scooters 

 Weekday 80,000円 40,000円 14,000円 2,000円 3,000円
Weekend 120,000円 60,000円 20,000円 2,500円 3,750円

Other Events Not Listed

 Weekday 80,000円 40,000円 14,000円
Weekend 100,000円 50,000円 17,000円

Partial Use


10 Square Meter Space, hourly 25 


10 Square Meter Space, hourly 30 

Multipurpose Room 

1 room, hourly 500 

Shower Room 

100per person/per time 


per person/per 15minute time slot 500円

Additional Equipment Usage Fee (Transponders, etc) 

1 Piece, 1,000 

  • “Private Rental” refers to the exclusive use of the Multi Field regardless of competitions, practice or any other events. 

  • “Shared Use or Open Days” refers to any type of use other than “Private Rental” use. 

  • “Overtime”refers to using the field before 9:00am, between lunch break from 12:00-13:00, or after 16:00. In the case of competitions, these hours may be used for preparation and cleaning. This does not include driving any vehicle on the track. 

  • “Drift Competition” refers to a competition in which the driver deliberately causes the vehicle to skid sideways through a turn. 

  • “Holiday” is defined in Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Okinawa City Ordinance No. 24, 1991 by Okinawa City. If the usage time exceeds the allotted time, it will be rounded up to the next hour. 

  • Usage time is rounded up to the next full hour. 

  • Space is rented by a minimum of 10 square meters. If a renter is wanting to use a space less than 10 square meters, they may however will be paying for the full 10 square meters. 

  • If the facility is being privately rented, the multipurpose room will be included in the full private rental during the rental times defined per the contract.