2021.4.29 [ THU ] 多目的広場"モータースポーツマルチフィールド沖縄"共用開始

2021.4.29 [ THU ]
Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa” open to the public 


Private Rental Guide


Prior Authorization 

If you would like to rent the track, check the availability of the field via the calendar, read the facility usage guide and contact the office for rental and more information.

◎Driving Schedule

◎Private Rental Guide



Application for Private Rental Submission

 Before submitting an application, check the calendar for your desired use date and apply at
least one month prior. The Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa Use Permission Application
(Form No.1) can be submitted directly at the facility office or by postal service to the Multi

◎Private Usage Permission Application and Private Track Rental


Permission Authorizing Usage

After submitting the permission application, the Multi Field will determine if the event is
suitable, the office will then issue the “Motor Sports Multi Field Okinawa License (Form No.2)



Usage Fee Payment

 Once you receive the authorization (Form No.2), the renter shall pay a deposit of at least
50% within the specified time as stated on the form. The ability to privately rent the track
will be revoked if the deposit has been failed to be paid on time.

◎Usage Fee


Meeting Prior to Track Rental

The facility manager has the right to request a meeting with the renter about the details of
how they will be using the facility or any further questions the manager might have at least
one month prior to the date of use.


Private Track Rental Day Of

 A meeting will be held by the renter and/or event organizers on the day of the track rental
30 minutes prior to the gates opening for the athletes and their vehicles.。

We ask for your cooperation by observing the rules and manners of the track and let’s all
enjoy motor sports together!


 ※ Further details can be found in the Facility Usage Guide under Private Track Rental