2021.4.29 [ THU ] 多目的広場"モータースポーツマルチフィールド沖縄"共用開始

2021.4.29 [ THU ]
Motorsports Multi Field Okinawa” open to the public 


Open Use Guide


Things to Know Before Coming to the Track 

Participants wishing to take advantage of open track days must check the field availability on the calendar and read the facility usage guide prior to visiting the Multi Field. 

◎Driving Schedule

◎Facility Usage Guide for Open Track Days


Day of Use 

On the desired date of use, the driver must fill out and sign a registration form along with a liability waiver and pay the usage fee. All payments must be paid in Japanese Yen. No other currency or forms of payment is accepted at this time. 

We ask for your cooperation by observing the rules and manners of the track and let’s all enjoy motor sports together! 

◎Open Track Day Application Form